What is Web Hosting and Service ? Web Hosting Beginner To Guide


What is Web Hosting and Service ? Web Hosting Beginner To Guide ?


What is Web Hosting Service ? Web Hosting Beginner To Guide Hosting is like a server, if you have a shop and you are sitting at another store, then you can understand that whatever your website is your shop and the location that is your hosting. Another test will show you, assuming the window installed on your computer is your own, but now you need the power to run it, which works for hosting. If you are also running a website in which you need hosting,

What is Web Hosting and Service Web Hosting Beginner To Guide
What is Web Hosting and Service Web Hosting Beginner To Guide

Where do you get hosting?


There are many websites on the Internet that provide domain hosting such as Go daddy Big-rock Hostinger Blue-host A2 Hosting Hostgattor Digital Ocean Marquette. There are many other websites with which you can take your website online. And you can make your website there so that your website will be live 24 hours because you have purchased a hosting there so that your website is never offline.

Anyone who has purchased their hosting has a special computer and is connected to the Internet 24 hours so that your website is never down and you get a good performance. Each hosting company has its own separate server. And they also have different plans that you have to buy for yourself, now I will also tell you which host and plan will be best for you. If you are an older person, you will understand which scheme is better for you. Will happen.


Free Web Hosting


If we talk about free hosting, then there are many websites on the Internet that provide you free hosting, where you will create your account and you can take their free service from there, but this hosting is not on the professional block at all. Have to use. Because free hosting has no confidence that it will end tomorrow and when its server goes down, when your website is closed,


if yes, you are a beginner, then you can use it as a learning, which will give you a lot of knowledge. With the help of which you can later buy hosting for yourself and run your site in your own way, free hosting is the only motive that any WordPress Or if you want to learn other things, if you also want to learn, then go to free hosting before purchasing any company hosting and learn well there, later you can buy hosting for yourself.


What are the types of hosting


What are the types of hosting. Any hosting is sitting in three parts, one is Sheared Hosting, the other is VPS Hosting and the third is Cloud Hosting. All these different parts of hosting. In which the hosting is divided into different parts, but all these mean different.

Shared Hosting

If we talk about shared hosting here, it can be explained in very simple terms, Suppose you live with family in the house and there are five brothers in your family, then you have to share your house with those five. That’s why here too the very abstract website is connected on a single server so that all the websites that are in your room are connected to the one rooms.

VPS Hosting

VPS On this occasion, a special way service is provided to you, so that the speed of your website is very fast and you can ask for it yourself, it means that there are five people in your house. You do not have any meaning with those five, you will be given a room apart in a house. This is called VPS is Virtual Private Network, the side running on it gives very good performance and From your SEO if I would also increase if you can spend some more money so you can buy the plan

Cloud Server

Cloud Server  is such a server where you will manage it by yourself, we understand it in such a way that you have a house but this time you will be alone in your house, no one else can come in it. By the way, whenever you sow a Cloud Hosting, there is no need to handle traffic along with its speed because its performance is very good for handling traffic. Sheri it people prefer more lanes just the cost is a bit more expensive

Cheap web hosting and fast service

If you want to buy cheap and good hosting then today we will tell you about a hosting provider company that will provide you a lot of good hosting, or this company has got very good reviews, you must have heard about this website Name is A2Hosting. If you choose any hosting plan from here, you will not get a chance to complain if you want to buy. So you can go A2Hosting


Buy Cheap Web Hosting

We hope that you have come to know a lot about web hosting through this post, if you found the information written in this post right, do not forget to share this post with your friends, by visiting this site Thank you.


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